Who is it that will offer of Allah a goodly gift, so He will multiply it to him manifold (Al-Quran)

O you who believe!

Do you want to spent your wealth in the struggle for all departments of "Deen"?

Of course...

then step forward

Struggle to Predominance of Deen, Social Services, Construction of Mosques, Purification of Soul, Support of Shuhada and Ghazian's homes, Struggle for Islamic Captives, Revivalist of Sunnah,  Curriculum of basic religious education, Preaching of Islam, Islamic Madaris, Islamic Media

Engaged in practice of above mentioned works.


Al-Rahmat Trust

Participate these great good deeds

to get countless rewards.

Please contact:

+92 (62) 2889627, +92 (321) 3132786

Account No.10560-9 Branch Code 957

with the name "Ghulam Murtaza"

National Bank Satellite Town Branch

Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Al-Rahamt Trust

Al-Rahmat Trust is an Islamic Welfare Organization established in 2001 for the sole purpose of serving the poor and deprived Muslims of Pakistan . 

It is a highly devoted and dedicated group of people who strive hard to bring smiles on the faces of the less–privileged. It endeavors humanitarian projects on both small and large scales and Alhamdullilah has been immensely successful in its efforts. The living example of which is the 8th October traumatic and disastrous earthquakes that hit North and North-Eastern parts of Pakistan

Al-Rahmat Trust set up various relief camps which accommodated hundreds of homeless people, various medical units with qualified doctors and trained personnel and selfless volunteers who marched several miles carrying heavy supplies of Ration (food and other necessities) on their bare backs into the rural areas where transport vehicles could not reach. 

Al-Rahmat Trust has also taken up the responsibilities of monthly funding to around 850 homes of the martyrs and brothers imprisoned in India and different jails of other countries. 

We call you to join hands with this Caravan and financially assist us from whatever Allah -Talah has bestowed you with. 

Zakat, Sadqatul fitrs, Sadaqahs and all other funding are acceptable and spent with utmost sincerity, honesty and according to Sharia’h to the last penny. 

Looking forward to your cooperation………

 Al-Rahmat Trust

“Help the earth-dwellers and the One in the skies will help you.”  (Hadith)